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The University believes that the safety and security of employees is paramount.  Acts or threats of violence, including intimidation, harassment, and/or coercion, which involve or affect the University, or which occur on University property or in the conduct of University business, will not be tolerated. This prohibition applies to all persons involved in University operations, including, but not limited to the University’s employees, consultants, vendors, and anyone else on University property or conducting University business off premises. Violations of this policy by any individual will lead to disciplinary and/or legal action as appropriate.
Workplace violence is any intentional act or threat that is sufficiently severe, offensive, or intimidating to cause an individual to reasonably fear for his or her personal safety or the safety of his or her family, friends, and/or property such that employment conditions are altered or a hostile, abusive, or intimidating work environment is created. Workplace violence may involve any threats or acts of violence occurring on University premises, regardless of the relationship between the employer and the parties involved in the incident.
No person may use or possess a weapon on any part of campus. For the purpose of this policy, weapons include, but are not limited to knives, firearms, ammunition or other dangerous devices, substances, materials, bombs, explosives or incendiary devices.

All incidents of workplace violence must be reported to the supervisor and to Human Resources.  All reports of workplace violence will be taken seriously by the University and will be investigated promptly and thoroughly.  In appropriate circumstances, the University will inform the reporting individual of the results of the investigation. To the extent possible, the University will maintain the confidentiality of the reporting employee and the investigation. The University may, however, need to disclose results in appropriate circumstances, for example, to protect individual safety. The University will not tolerate retaliation against any employee who reports workplace violence or participates in any investigation thereof.
Zero Retaliation
Touro University California prohibits any and all forms of retaliation, and will not itself retaliate against any staff or faculty member that reports any form of workplace violence.
Many Touro University California employees are designated as Campus Security Authorities, in compliance with the Clery Act. 
Each year university campuses are required to report campus crime statistics to the federal government and to share those statistics with the campus and the general public.  As a part of that endeavor, we are to identify a group of people within the campus who might have received reports of crimes through their work as university employees.  As Campus Security Authorities, it is possible that students and/or employees have reported to you something that MIGHT rise to the level of a crime.  If that has occurred, even if you received the information confidentially, we may be required to report that information.  If you receive a report of discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual harassment and/or possible sexual assault, we have even greater institutional responsibilities
Employees designated as CSA’s are required to attend annual training that covers Clery Compliance and Workplace Violence Prevention.
Any person who engages in an act or threat of workplace violence on the University’s property may be removed from the premises as quickly as safety permits and may be required, at the University’s discretion, to remain off premises pending the outcome of an investigation of the incident. The University will take prompt and appropriate remedial action in response to any such conduct, including but not limited to, discipline or termination of the offender. 
Under this policy, decisions may be needed to prevent a threat from being carried out, a violent act from occurring, or a life-threatening situation from developing. No existing policy or procedure of the University should be interpreted in a manner that prevents the making of these necessary decisions.  Moreover, the University reserves the right to address behavior that suggests a propensity towards violence even prior to any violent behavior occurring.
EHS Manager: Responsible for investigating and reporting all forms of workplace violence that occur on the campus or at Touro University California events. In the case of serious violence, the EHS Manager will immediately notify the Provost, the Emergency Management Team, and campus Security. In any case where security assistance is needed, security will provide such assistance. EHS Manager is also responsible for working with Security, Facilities, and local law enforcement to continually make the campus as safe and secure as possible.
Vallejo Police Department: Any workplace violence incident that is also a crime per the California Penal Code, should be reported immediately to the Police Department. 
Human Resources: Any workplace violence incident that involves the perpetrator being an employee at TUC, will be investigated by Human Resources independently of other on-going investigations.  Human Resources will also be responsible for revising the TUC Workplace Violence policy when needed, and for keeping most current version posted on their web site.
Student Affairs: Any workplace violence incident that involves either the victim or the perpetrator being a TUC Student, will be investigated by Student Affairs independently of other on-going investigations. Student Affairs is also responsible for keeping the list of Campus Security Authorities (CSA) current, and for making certain all CSA’s receive the required Clery/Workplace Violence training.